My name is Irene Rivera.  I am a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant trained under the finest teachers at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM.  I am also a certified yoga teacher and Reiki Master teacher.  My yoga training began the summer of 2012, when I completed my first yoga certification at Corepower Yoga Chicago in level 1 Vinyasa, followed by Hot Yoga, level 2 vinyasa, and CoreRestore training.  I am also a certified yin yoga instructor trained under Bernie Clark.

In addition to my 200hr yoga certification I have additional training through workshops, classes or lectures for: Yoga for larger bodies, Pranayama, meditation, vibrational therapy, and aromatherapy.

I am currently working on my Ayurvedic Practitioner certification in Albuquerque, NM.

My Personal Yoga Journey

In 2009 I walked into my first yoga class 65lbs overweight, bone spurs in both knees, and could barely touch my toes.  My first class could have easily been my last class because I was winded, inflexible, and just plain didn't have the stamina to complete the class.  Though the class was challenging it was still accessible, the instructor was encouraging and nice,  and I was in the mindset that I had to do something. 

My life before 2009 was pretty bleak and I was very unhappy.  I lived away from my family and friends, I had a job I hated, my relationship with my boyfriend (now husband) was tumultuous as I projected my own unhappiness onto him and most people around me.  How did things get so bad?  After some traumatic things happened in my life (none of which I care to share) I fell into a depression.  At the time I thought I was just sad, but during a therapy session the therapist said my behavior, sudden and dramatic weight gain, the fact that I retreated from social activity were all signs of "depression".  First thought, "Depression?  That's for the weak minded, not ME!"  It took time to heal and I attribute a lot of that to yoga.

2012 I signed up for my first teacher training - at that time my yoga practice was very inconsistent and I just wanted to step out of my comfort zone.  There was always something about yoga that spoke to me, but I wasn't living yoga "off" the mat.  I was happier, calmer, fill in the blank with a positive adjective, but it didn't take much to jolt me out of my zen-like state.  The deeper I fell into the yoga rabbit hole, I started to look at life differently.  I recognized negative patterns, negative relationships, and my intuition was the sharpest it has ever been.  March 2013 at the end of a kundalini class I experienced sound/vibration healing for the first time.  Ever since I've had a fascination with this art of healing and have incorporated both tingsha bells and Tibetan singing bowls into my classes. 

I approach life with a positive attitude, compassion for self and others, and I try to inspire and motivate people to live their best, most authentic lives via teaching and social media.  My yoga and meditation practice though strong is not perfect and I accept that.  I like most strive to find balance in my life.  Sometimes balance seems illusive, but versus ditching this westernized lifestyle for a mountain top in the Himalayas I choose to make it to my mat/cushion, still eat meat, drink wine, and dance to loud music.

Off the mat you can find me cuddling with my two pups, spending time with my husband, scouring the internet reading articles from yogajournal, mind body green, martha stewart, huffington post and bloggers galore.  I enjoy cooking, walking/biking along Lake Michigan, and having long lunch dates with friends.